Professional BlockChain Software Development

Professional BlockChain Software Development

Professional BlockChain Software Development

Gazitit creates custom blockchains (digital ledgers) over the full development cycle of software. This includes support when software maintenance is needed. Customization is our specialty. We have a proven success and recurring customers in healthcare, telecommunications, retail, banking, and finance. Some technological innovations include streaming applications, mobile payment solutions, order automation, archiving, and trading systems.

Clients find reassurance in a custom development solution for their ICO projects. Areas of expertise include project management, technical development, and consulting. Software development needs are ensured from website construction, like WordPress, to e-commerce solutions and security. A detailed list of our mastered key technologies is available. For instance, outlines of PHP and .NET development is available for viewing by prospective clients prior to ever making contact with us.

Building Projects Based on Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology can incorporate a wide variety of programming languages. PHP, C++, Java, Node.js, and .NET are among the many programming languages that we have at our disposal to help your project succeed. Frameworks like Qt aid in cross-platform development. Projects are reassured of integration with the main mobile platforms, like iOS and Android, as well as others. The front-end development is straightforward using HTML5, CSS3, JS. There are several databases we work with including, but not limited to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL.

Integrating software is historically a problem that causes dissatisfied clients to re-plan projects with their developers. Improvements occurred over the years, but companies with proven track records are still in need. In a new crypto space that is straining the demand on developers, this type of experience is few and far between. We recognize this and extend efforts to demonstrate our full-service, custom development solution with professional integration. This means seamless integration with WordPress and business systems, including ERP, CRM, and ECM.

Our company masters all levels of software development and can create digital ledgers from the ground up. 50% of the company developers are Seniors and Leads that have substantiated their architecture with optimum user interfaces that are free of performance issues. They are experts at analyzing needs before getting started and can anticipate software requirements in detail. Furthermore, the development process can be altered to aid fluctuations during the creation of a customized digital ledger.

Facilitating ideas on blockchains may never be in more demand. We allow teams to focus on what they have identified as impactful objectives for the industry.

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