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Professional writing for Posts and Technical writing

#1 Do you have an idea for an app?

We’re Gazit, and we offer full-cycle Software development services that can bring your ideas to life. We’ve worked with over 1500 clients in the last 10 years, helping them build their products from scratch. Our team of experienced developers is here to help you create something amazing!

#2 Are you looking for a mobile app development company?

At GazitIT We’ve worked with many companies to build their iOS, Android and Windows apps. We develop native apps using Xcode, Swift or Java as well as hybrid apps using Cordova/Phonegap. Our team of experts will help you get your business idea off the ground and onto the app store!

#3 What do you need to do now in order to take your business to the next level?

The right software can help you get there. GazitIT offers Software development of amazing, and powerful software intended to meet customers’ specific needs. Our skilled team knows the game of business and delivers successful solutions that accord with all the specified requirements while invariably staying within time and budget limits.

#4 You’re a technical expert, not a translator. Why waste your time writing and rewriting documents that you can’t even read?

We take technical writing and translate from Chinese so that you don’t have embarrassing grammar and spelling mistakes. This helps you to spend more time doing what you do well while we handle the rest.

#5 Are you frustrated with your technical writing?

Technical documents are a pain to write, and even more of a pain to translate. You have enough on your plate without having to worry about this stuff. We’ll take care of it for you so that you can focus on what matters most.

#6 Do you need to translate your software?

We’re the best translation company for custom software. Our team of experts can help you localize your product into many languages, on time and within budget. We work with companies across the globe when it comes to content translation. So why not yours? Click here to get started

#7 Are you a local business looking to expand your reach?

As the world continues to become more connected, it’s important for businesses to go global. However, that can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools or knowledge of foreign languages. That’s where we come in! We help companies with content translation. That means we translate their website content into different languages so they feel native and continue growing their business globally.

We work with over 1500 clients from around the world including big names like JamesAllen and are trusted by some of the best companies in our industry because we deliver results every time.

#8 Do you want to break out of the Chinese market?

If your business is based in China and you’re looking for a way to expand into other countries, we can help. We specialize in helping companies with websites that are already written in Chinese translate from Chinese so it feels native to their new country. This means more sales from international customers without having to start over from scratch.
We have helped thousands of businesses like yours grow internationally by providing professional translation services at affordable prices.

#9 Are you looking to expand your business into China?

We help companies go global by providing translation services for their material. We specialize in helping people break into the Chinese market by helping them translate to Chinese language.

#10 Your business is ready to expand into the Chinese market. But how do you get started?

It’s never been easier to start a business in China than it is right now. With over 1 billion people in this country, there are plenty of opportunities for growth and expansion. The problem is that most businesses don’t know where to begin when it comes to getting their product or service on the shelves of local stores across China.

That’s where we come in! We help companies break into the Chinese market by providing them with high-quality content translation services so they can reach more customers than ever before. We translate to Chinese language from whatever you have.

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