QT Development

Аll-round Qt development services as well as dedicated Qt developers to create cross-platform desktop and mobile applications and smooth UIs.

Qt is the #1 technology for cross-platform development powering 5 out of top 10 Fortune 100 companies and other leading businesses in over 70 industries across the globe. Our C++ developers apply the tool to create cost-saving applications that use a single codebase to run on any operating system.

Expert in outsourced software development, GazitIT Qt specialists can create a Qt product from scratch or join your development team when you need it most:

  • Full-cycle application development: from requirements gathering through design and testing to implementation
  • UI development: platform-native and customized UIs using Qt APIs and QML
  • Software porting: rewriting your legacy application with Qt to support other platforms
  • Software maintenance: creating new features and fixing bugs
  • Dedicated Qt developers and teams with a short ramp-up time (2-4 weeks)
  • Qt consulting: we offer expertise to help you implement architecture design and analysis as well as a proof of concept to maximize the outcome of your project

Want to start a Qt project? Drop us a line for a quick kick-off.

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